What’s your main area of expertise?

To enable you to get to know the team we’re asking them a series of questions. Here we ask what they feel each one brings to the ImpKISS party…



I have worked a lot in large organisations in a range of roles. I also have a MBA and taught change management to Masters level students. I have been involved in the process of  developing the Impkiss product from conception to implementation, providing the user perspective. Part of the reason I worked on Impkiss was that I needed it myself!




Plain speaking, no nonsense, no fuss solution finder.Giving clients peace of mind that their accounts will be taken care of. Providing information in easily digestible chunks – speak the customer’s language. Demystifying and simplifying the accounting process using some very clever technology.




I would summarise my attributes as follows:-

  •  Dynamic, forward thinking and committed
  •  Technological background with professional experience in everything to do with the web!
  • Strong marketing knowledge and skills with particular expertise in online marketing
  • Excellent programming skills in a vast array of languages with an ability to pickup new languages quickly
  • An ability to bridge the gap between “techies” and “non techies” and help people with little technical knowledge understand the technical aspects of web development