Welcome to Impkiss!

Welcome to Impkiss!

Welcome to Impkiss, the simple, user friendly online cash book.  We aim to give you an easy way of keeping your accounting records with minimal fuss at a cost that represents real value for money.

Our service is designed to be (or replace) an online equivalent of the traditional cashbook.  We understand that ‘keeping the books’ is often a dreaded part of running a business, or even keeping track of your personal expenditure, and how it often ‘slips down the list of things to do’ until it can’t be put off any more.

Using our service, we aim to provide you with sufficient knowledge, information and simplicity of use to allow you to ‘keep your own cashbook’, even if you have no previous accounting experience.  Allowing you to keep track of your income and expenditure, and reduce any accountant’s bills.

The service can be accessed via an internet connection (unfortunately not available as a phone app yet) anytime anywhere – giving you total control and freedom as to when and where you update your ‘books’.  We take care of all the security, back ups and updating to give you peace of mind.

All you have to do is enter your input data. To help you we provide training videos, helpful tips on each input page, and a facility to ask Jacqui (one of the founders) any question you may have and can’t find the answer for.  We have spent a lot of time and effort making the input process as intuitive and easy as possible, but will always be delighted to hear from you if you have any suggestions for improvements.

Anyway, enough of what we think – you are the best judge of whether Impkiss is for you, so please sign up for the free 30 day trial, and let us know what you think – whatever it is!!