Using ImpKISS to make life easier with its Special Features

So you’ve decided you need to keep some sort of accounting records and like the idea of using a cloud based application with all the benefits they provide (  But which one to choose? If you’re like us, you’ll want to ‘beauty parade’ a few to see what’s on offer and feel that you’ve done enough research to make an informed decision.  

Hopefully, as you’re trawling through what’s available, something will leap out at you and capture your imagination, a service that resonates with you – STOP right there – who are we kidding?  We’re talking accounting packages here right?  Not known for their fascinating and thrill inducing properties.  Something simple, easy to use and reliable will be just fine – anything that takes away the headache that is bookkeeping and gives you the peace of mind that everything is up to date will do nicely thank you.

Enter ImpKISS!

As soon as you get into the functionality of ImpKISS it will immediately be apparent that this is not your average accountancy package – there’s colour, a quirky virtual ‘Jacqui’ to help and diagrams and a distinct lack of accountancy jargon!  You’ll either love or hate it – either way you’ll have to acknowledge it’s different – accounting with a heart!

Although ImpKISS has been designed to be intuitive, simple and easy to use,don’t be fooled into thinking it doesn’t also have a serious side and is more than able to deliver the required results.  As well as a solid and robust accounting package, ImpKISS also has some very powerful special features to make your (bookkeeping) life easier. These are not limited to but include:-


Found on the Bank and Cash input screens, the Split function is for payments or receipts that cover a range of different expense/income/category types.

E.g. a single payment that includes amounts for postage, window cleaning, key cutting, office coffee etc. The cheque can be input as one transaction and ‘split’ across the different expense types using the Split function.

Bank Reconciliation

A simple process control check that can be accessed on the Bank screen – simply tick off the entries showing on your ImpKISS system as you match them to entries appearing on your bank statement.  ImpKISS will then automatically reconcile your bank balance and produce a report listing matched items as well as listing outstanding items which still have to be processed through the Bank statement.


For transfers of monies between cash and bank accounts or between bank accounts.

A simple transaction process designed to ensure the correct entries are made without error. This function is accessed through the home screen.

Reverse VAT

For those occasions when a credit note is received or issued to ensure that the VAT is recorded correctly. Ie the VAT on a credit note received is recorded as a negative input VAT, rather than an output VAT; similarly VAT on a credit note issued is correctly recorded as a negative output VAT rather than as input VAT.  This function is accessed via the Bank and Cash input screens.


Although designed to be simple to use,  ImpKISS has an in-built robustness which restricts  certain options to direct you to input entries correctly (minimising input error) while still allowing the flexibility to customise the accounts to best serve your needs.

We understand that ImpKISS will not be everybody’s ‘cup of tea’ but for those of you that it does appeal to, we’d encourage you to make use of the month’s free trial and enjoy your bookkeeping more – streamline your account keeping and free up more time to invest in other areas of your business or life!


Happy Accounting and Thank You!