The Magic of a Rolling ‘to do list’ and the gaps in your day!

The Magic of a Rolling ‘to do list’ and the gaps in your day!

How do you tackle a big task which may at first seem overwhelming? Break it down into a series of smaller, manageable tasks. Work your way through them systematically, completing them one by one, and by the time they’re all complete, so too will be the big task that originally seemed so daunting.

What about all the little tasks you need to do? The ones which somehow seem to grow to fill the allotted time, so that by the time you’ve finished them all, there’s no time left for the ‘big job’ you were going to do?

How about starting with the ‘big job’ while you’re still fresh and raring to go – and fit the smaller, less urgent and important tasks into the ‘gaps’ of your day?

Got a few minutes? That is more than enough time to make a few phone calls, amend a shopping list, buy something online, pay some bills, do some filing, write a birthday card, meditate – all those minutes add up, and you get to slowly eat away at all those little tasks that need doing to help your life run effortlessly and smoothly – giving you the time, head space and peace of mind to tackle the bigger projects and the important things in your life unhassled, unstressed and joyously.

To help me do just this, I run rolling ‘To do lists’ – start by making a list of all the things you would like to do today – I use a ‘page a day diary’ and generally put work things in a list on the left of the page, and on the right I make a list of admin, personal and housekeeping tasks.

It serves two purposes, one to remind me of everything that needs to be done – allowing me to add to it as things occur or I remember something else – and secondly as a prompt when I have a spare few minutes as something I can do in that time which will allow me to ‘tick’ something off my ‘To do list’ – and don’t you love the feeling when you tick another thing off your ‘To do list’?

No more time wasted thinking of what you have to do/could do in the time you have – instead you have a ‘To do list’ from which you can prioritise or choose from to see what you’ll do in the time you have. No more time cluttering your brain up with things you need to do – get them down on your ‘To do list’ and then clear them out of your mind. No more logging out of your bank account and then remembering another bill that you have to pay, or switching off your computer and then remembering an email you wanted to send, or a document you intended to print off!

Very rarely do I tick everything off my ‘To do list’ in a day, but that is the beauty of a rolling ‘To do list’ – there’s no time wasted recreating a ‘To do list’ each day, and as things get ticked off, and new things added, nothing gets forgotten or overlooked. Over time, all the items on a previous version of your ‘To do list’ will have been ticked off and disappeared, and will have been replaced by a completely new list of ‘To do’ items. Thus giving you a visible measure of what you have achieved and the progress that you have made – extremely satisfying!