The Importance of Downtime – Happy Christmas!

The Importance of Downtime – Happy Christmas!

Everything in moderation and balance is the key to functioning optimally and keeping happy! The norm for most of us is a busy, busy life packed with work, family and social commitments. Downtime allows you some oases in a busy life to keep the balance right. It cannot be overemphasised how important it is to have proper time off to rest, recover, relax, regroup and reassess.

Proper rest and recuperation is necessary to allow us to function at our best. It allows us to put everything in perspective, and to connect with our inner selves to come up with our very best creative and imaginative solutions and plans. These often occur to us, popping into our minds seemingly from nowhere, when we are distracted and thinking of anything but what has just been presented to us.

During downtime, you may also look at your life objectively, see what is and what isn’t working for you. What you need or would like to change, and how you’re going to do it. It is in our downtime, that we are able to step back, stop trying to solve everything, and let our subconscious help out

A break in routine gives your body and mind different challenges to tackle; allowing you to flex and use different muscles, both physically and mentally; stretching yourself and exploring new territory; freshening up your approach and outlook on life.

Downtime doesn’t necessarily need to be a holiday or to take long. It could be a long, luxurious indulgent bath, an invigorating bike ride, listening to a particular piece of music, a walk in nature, a good gym session, a meditation, a good night out (or in), watching an inspiring film – whatever it takes to allow you to switch off from your ‘day to day’, take some time for yourself, and do something (or nothing) that will recharge your batteries, rejuvenate you and allow you to return bright eyed, bushy tailed and enthusiastic to return to the fray!

So whatever it is for you, make some time to indulge in the activity that will be of benefit to you and enjoy it – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!