Networking for Introverts

When you launch your new business, getting out there and publicising it is essential. The only way you are going to get people to sign-up or buy from you is if you are able to tell them about it. The more widely you communicate the better. Yes, there is a lot you can do on social media to publicise your business, but there is no substitute for networking, at least in the beginning.

But what if you are an introvert? And I don’t mean ‘shy’, I mean INTROVERT?

An extrovert is someone who draws their energy from meeting others, an introvert is someone who can find it draining being around others.

Basically, it’s thought extroverts find it harder to be mentally aroused so they have a high need for stimulation. Introverts, on the other hand, have a lower arousal threshold so can quickly get over-stimulated, which is tiring, even exhausting for some.

So, you’ve got a great business, you need to network, but you are at the more introvert end of the spectrum, what can you do? Here are 7 networking tips for introverts which you may find useful:-

1. Pace your networking – don’t do more than you can handle and leave ‘recovery gaps’ between events.

2. Select groups carefully and think about opportunities where you feel comfortable AND which are right for your business. This may help you to choose between the many networking opportunities out there.

3. Plan quiet time after you’ve been networking – recharge your batteries by doing important admin tasks, for example. Alone!

4. Play to your strengths – introverts tend to have longer attention spans so find it easier to engage more deeply with one or two people than a more superficial conversation with half a dozen.

5. Be the ‘good listener’ – introverts often find it easier to listen, absorb and learn than to talk. Other people like this!

6. Scan the room when you arrive to see if there is anyone you already know – this can help you relax and reconnecting with someone familiar can be less taxing than introducing yourself to someone new.

7. Finally, if you are finding it hard to keep going and are beginning to flag, take a few moments out – go outside, to the bathroom or to your car, be alone, and take some deep breaths before plunging back in.

Good luck!