Getting the best out of Business Communication

Getting the best out of Business Communication

Communication is a key sign of life for any living organism, and it can be helpful to see your business as an independent entity or “person” that has its own requirements for it to survive and flourish. Communication will be competing for top place in the list here as you will need to interact with your business stakeholders and the more effectively you do this the more you will grow your sales and bottom line.

When talking of stakeholders it is probably easiest to divide these into two categories: internal and external. In this post we are going to focus on effective external communication, we’ll publish something on internal communications in a future blog.

Some ImpKISS customers may see themselves as too small at this stage of their evolution to think about some of the areas listed below but we think it is important to start behavioural habits that will enable you to more easily step up to the plate once your business grows in scale. How many times do you see “start ups” on the BBC news commenting on how economic trends are affecting their businesses and the economy as a whole. Go back a couple of years and they were probably starting out in a bedroom…

Customer Support

Vital that this works well – loving your customer is a basic requirement for success. They call and you respond, listening to their needs and responding is the foundation of any business.


Be it Adwords or a card in the local newsagent, advertising is an industry that exists to interface business with consumers. Of course “word of mouth” and reputation are valuable assets driving new business but if you are on the path of growth you will probably need to think how you use advertising to help you on your way.

Social Media

An essential, not an add-on, and we have published several blogs on the power of SM and its reach, ease of access and cost effectiveness. A key factor here is building a relationship and “communicating”, not just selling your wares.

Profile Raising Publishing

Online blog posts or articles in industry/professional journals are another method to raise your profile and communicate to a greater audience without necessarily being seen to be pushing your product or organisation.

Conventional Media

Newsworthy articles in the local press highlighting achievements or interesting facts about your business are a great way to reach out to the public. As mentioned in the introduction, a TV slot where you pronounce on a business issue of the day will give you great credibility when negotiating the next big contract.


OK you may not be in a position just yet to sponsor a team for the next Grand Prix but it is another example of how businesses create and reinforce awareness through supporting activities in the outside world. It could be support to a charity or sponsoring an event at your local village hall. For an investment in time and cash you are letting people know you are there and that you are giving some focus to an event outside your day to day operations.

Industry bodies

If you can, get involved in a trade association or network of similar businesses. Trades have flocked together since ancient times and it’s a great way of getting support and leveraging communication power amongst the group. If one doesn’t exist, think about setting it up!

We hope that this gives you some ideas to think about, and wish you all the best in your communications and business success. Do remember to communicate back to us how you’re doing and any tips of things that have worked for you – they may make all the difference to somebody else’s business or inspire others to great things!