Getting the best out of Business Communication #2

Getting the best out of Business Communication #2

In a previous post we focussed on external communication and how important it is for a business to think about its interaction with the outside world. This blog focuses on internal communication, that is within your organisation – to your employees and business partners.

Business Partners

If you are not a sole trader, this relationship will be key to the success of your business. You and your partner(s) are in this thing together and will need to communicate openly in order to maximise the chances for profitable growth. It’s crucial you build in time for both structured and informal communication. Consider the following:

  • Management meetings – have a schedule of these with a defined agenda that covers the key areas of your business. It is most effective to remain tightly focussed and avoid the temptation to drift too far away from the main topics on the agenda.
  • Time out – it can be useful to get away from the day to day working “in” the business to a different environment than will help freshen your thinking to work “on” the business. You and your partners should make this effort, even having a go at building that raft!!


A different relationship and one that needs to be handled with care. If you have employees you will be in a contractual relationship with them that requires managing along structured lines. Nevertheless, good employee communication is vital to maintain the morale and motivation necessary to keep your people giving 100% to business success. A small amount of effort here can reap big rewards. Consider the following:

  • Regular team meetings – use these as an opportunity to update employees on your latest thinking and get their feedback
  • One to ones – you can build these into your monthly schedule for a more individually focussed conversation. Employees will feel valued if you take an interest in their concerns and development needs.
  • Social events – these can be great for team building and improving how everyone gets along, especially if you are facing into a busy period or have just successfully completed a difficult project.
  • Casual/informal interaction – day to day exchanges can’t be scheduled but are important for keeping the lines open and demonstrating an interest in people. As Alex Ferguson says everyone is important in the organisation.

Relationships are massively important in business and communication is their oxygen so keep it pumping if you want to succeed.