Which Impkiss product is suitable for me?

Cashbook Plus is suitable for any organisation whose transactions are bank and cash based, whether you are a limited company, sole trader or partnership. It is also ideally suited for clubs, community organisations and for keeping track of personal expenditure.
Is your application easy to use?

Yes, we have designed the functionality with the end user in mind. It is intuitive and you will be surprised by how quickly you will feel confident using it.
I've never done accounts before - will I be able to use this?

Yes- no previous accounting experience required!
Do I need specialist computer skills or equipment?

No, if you’re reading this you have enough computer knowledge. Impkiss can be used on any PC, Mac or laptop with internet access.
If I grow, will I still be able to use your product?

Yes, Impkiss can handle high volumes of transactions as long as these remain cash and bank based.
Where is my data held and will it be safe?

Yes. Your data is held at our host’s data centre and is backed up daily. Data you enter is encrypted and transmitted securely between your computer and our servers. You can access your data and download it 24/7 and won’t have to worry about backing it up, or your computer crashing.
What about support?

There are training videos and helpful tips on each page. If you need further help contact Jacqui and she’ll get back to you within 1 working day, or use our live chat.
How do you handle VAT?

We cater for businesses that need to account for VAT and for those that don’t. If your VAT status changes it is a simple process to amend the system to reflect this.
How easy is it to end my subscription?

You can terminate your subscription at any time but we hope you won’t. If for any reason you’re unhappy with the service please let us know so we have a chance to put things right.
Why should I use your product instead of another online accountancy provider?

Our product is specifically designed for organisations with bank and cash transactions only. You won’t waste time looking for the functionality you need.