About Us

The ImpKISS journey began in 2013. It was created to support small businesses from their inception and throughout their various growth phases. Impkiss is a cashbook facility which offers all the sophistication of a double-entry accounting system using simple concepts. Impkiss’ cashbook enables small businesses that do not wish to integrate their business banking system with their daily transactions to keep up-to- date records of their business’ income and expenditure. This differentiates Impkiss from other products on the market which currently do not cater for cash businesses that do not wish to integrate their banking information to their daily transactions.

When your business grows and you need to register for VAT, ImpKISS enables you to change your status on the system, taking full account of the your pre and post-VAT accounts, with no disruption to your regular accounting operations. We are currently developing integrated ledger facilities to cater for growing businesses that wish to manage their debtors and creditors more directly.

We welcome you to join our journey as we continuously seek more efficient and innovative ways to better partner your business. Your feedback and ideas will forge better partnerships and develop synergies that enable you to focus on what really matters – developing strategies that continue to grow your business.

Please contact Jacqui at Jacqui@impkiss.com or tweet us at @Imp_KISS.