5 Tips for Using a Business Facebook Page

Here’s a few starting tips to getting your Facebook page up and running effectively. Not an exhaustive list of course, but a few essentials!

1. Make sure your page looks good

It’s no different to having a good looking website, viewers will make instant judgements on whether they will proceed to view a Facebook page, just as they do with websites. You have to work within a stringent template so your look will be defined with your profile image and your cover image. Ensure they look great and represent your company effectively, utilise your cover image to get a short message across (don’t fill it with text though!)

2. Post regularly

So you’ve got your Facebook page set-up, sit back and wait for the likes and business to roll in! Oh wait…perhaps not. Unfortunately, the work doesn’t stop there…regular posts and updates are essential. Irregular, random posts are worse than not having a page…it gives the impression that’s how you run your company!

3. Interact!

When posting, always encourage interaction from the people who like your page. Remember the goal isn’t to be “salesy”, appearing too “salesy” will only switch off people who view your page and won’t encourage interaction. It’s called “social media” for a reason, it’s meant to be social. So when people “like” or “comment”, spark a conversation…respond to the comments. Always look to post calls to action and ask questions and for feedback in your posts.

Avoid ANYTHING remotely controversial.

4. Post pictures, video’s, polls as well as textual posts

Facebook loves pictures! People share pictures more than any other content. So it’s important to post pictures and of course videos, polls etc. Make sure you’re asking people to interact with them… “What do you think of this picture”? etc.

5. Understand and utilise Facebook Insights

Find out when and how much your posts are being seen and interacted with and ensure you maximise the coverage you’re getting. If your posts are viewed more often when posting at certain times, ensure you’re posting during those times most often!

Tip 6…bonus tip!!

Understand who your target market is, and identify what they like…then post about those things. Posting about random things to “cover all bases” will seldom work.

People will usually like your page for one of the following reasons, make sure you cater to them.

  • To receive special promotions, discounts or to enter a competition, receive discounts or promotions
  • To stay informed of the latest news
  • To have fun!
  • For interesting or educational information
  • To show support or recommend

If you have any comments or additional tips, we’d love to hear them! Post them in the comments below!