5 Tips for Getting Started on Twitter

So you’ve taken the leap, you’ve signed up to Twitter…

“let’s see what all this social media rubbish is about!”

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there… we understand, you’re running a business and social media is just another thing on the list that gets in the way of doing just that!

The truth is social media is integrated into almost every aspect of our lives these days and whether we want to be involved, professionally or not, you don’t have a choice. Sorry, but you need to get on board…yesterday.

Here’s a few pointers on getting started… assuming you’ve added profile pics, descriptions & twitter designs already etc…

1. Follow people

Seems obvious but it seems so many new users on Twitter actually fail to do the most important thing! Follow people and/or companies. If it’s for work, follow work related accounts… clients, suppliers, related governing bodies, topical accounts etc. Just doing this will teach you plenty, but it’ll also provide you with essential information about the other companies/people. As a side note, be careful following staff/colleagues… that’s a separate blog on its own.

2. Log in more than once

You went to the trouble of setting twitter up, you even changed your profile picture from that oh so familiar egg face…so it’s got to be worth logging into again! I’ve heard so many times “well I’ve set it up, so I’ve done my bit”…actually, you haven’t. Check it, do something and then check it again. Get into the routine!

3. Socialise

It’s called “social” media for a reason, so simply tweeting (or bleeting) on about your offers, sales or worse – nothing – isn’t going to cut it. The key to successful social media (and this goes for all forms) is interaction, conversation… so, share, favourite, retweet, reply. You’ve followed people, you’re checking regularly, now is the time to begin responding to tweets, retweeting interesting posts and starting conversations.

4. Ask Questions

Saying “Thanks for the follow” or “Thanks for the retweet” is great…but why not try “Thanks for the follow. How has your day been” or “Thanks for the retweet, what did you find the most interesting?”… you’ve started a conversation and you’ll get far more coverage.

5. Set up lists

You are likely to follow a lot of accounts, potentially hundreds…and in some cases perhaps thousands! There’s no way you can keep on top of all those posts in your feeds. So set-up lists which will filter just the posts from the people in the list. Separate the important from the less important…the clients from the potentials, the staff from the suppliers… make sure you can easily locate important posts. This will give you the ability to respond and react with the most impact.